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Aishwarya Pissay 1st Indian to win world title in motorsports

India is a land of diversity. This diversity is visible not only among people, food, religion, languages, and customs but in sports as well. People here have different interests in sports. In India, every sport is played and enjoyed by different sets of people.

Motorsports have gained huge popularity in India in the past couple of years. There is a vast majority of people who like motorsports. The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India is the official governing body.

Many home-grown racers are marking their presence in international competition. One such name is Aishwarya Pissay. She is the 1st Indian to win a world title in motorsports. She has lifted the FIM World cup in the women’s category. 

She won the first round in Dubai and then finished at the third position in Portugal round, fifth position in Spain round and fourth position in Hungary round. This led to a total score of 65 points which made her an overall winner. 

 Not only this, but she also secured the second position in the junior category with a score of 46 points. She has truly set a benchmark for the people who want to opt for motorsports.

This is a great achievement in itself as she overcame all the challenges and hurdles in recovery after her crash in Spain Baja where she suffered from some serious injuries. Her sheer determination and hard work got her back to track.

This 23-year-old racer from Bengaluru has not only made the country proud but has inspired millions of people out there who want to make their career in this field. Her win has passed a clear statement that motorsports can opt as a full-time profession if a person is skilled, hardworking and disciplined. Also, she is defying odds that claims that motorsports are more of a man’s sports. She is a true inspiration in every sense.

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