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TABLE TENNIS: Japan’s prodigy Harimoto claims third World Tour win in Bulgaria!

From 16-19 august 2018, Bulgaria organized the 9th event for an ITTF world tour. The Bulgarian Table Tennis Federation themselves organized the game The Bulgarian Federation made all the things get possible under the authority of International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The tour got organized in Panagyurishte in Bulgaria. Table Tennis is a very interesting game that is why huge traffic of visitors was there in the stadium. 

Total of 32 teams:

In the table tennis match, there were 32 teams for the match. These 32 teams were divided into two parts, the first 16 for men and the second half of 16 is for girls. 

For the men singles, teams were:

First round:-

Ma Long 

Jonathan Groth Jin Ueda 

Maharu Yoshimura 

Liao cheng-ting

Second round:-

Dimitrij Ovtcharov 

Chuang Chih-yuan

Mattias Karlsson

Emmanuel Lebesson 

Kirill Gerassimenko 


Vladimir Samsnov 

Koki Niwa 


Tomokazu Harimoto 


Xu Xin 

These are the sixteen teams divided by those 32 for the men. 

For women singles, the teams were:

First round:-

Mima Ito

Hina Hayata

Miyu Kato 

Elizabeta Samara

Matilda Ekholm 

Maria Yovkova 

Second round:- 

Saki Shibata 

Honoka Hashimoto 

Bernadette Szocs

Han Ying 

Adriana Diaz


Miu Hirano 

Georgina Pota 


Hitomi Sato  


Ding Ning

2019 table tennis matches:

The 2019 table tennis, matches in this tournament was full of excitement, thrills, and adventure. There are two gold medals events are decided at Bulgaria. China played against Japan and the match was stunning surprised everyone with their skills. Other than this, in the women matches, Quadri Aruna surprised Jun Mizutani. 

Final verdict 

Bulgaria federation arranged the Table Tennis between 32 teams and they claimed to Hari moto was so well in his game which made him claim for winning the third tour of Bulgaria.

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